Task 2

Congratulations on completing your first task, and welcome to task 2.

In task 2, you will be provided with two problem statements. You can choose any one of them.

Problem Statement 1:

The first problem statement is related to MS Excel.

This problem statement has two parts.

Part 1: You have to make pivot tables for a given dataset.

Part 2: You have to create a dashboard for a given dataset.

Remember that you have to complete both parts of this problem statement.

Problem Statement 2:

The second problem statement is related to SQL.

You will be given a dataset. Your job will be to extract meaningful information from that dataset using SQL.

You will be asked to execute few relevant queries. This will be a basic guide to get you started.

It will be expected of you that you will execute your own queries and extract meaningful insights from that data.

If you have any doubts, please post your doubt in the feed section of the discussion group.

All the best for task 2.

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