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Machine Learning

Machine Learning experts are analytical experts who collect, analyze and interpret an extremely large amount of data. This role combines Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

In this Internship program, build machine and tune learning models using R, Python, or any language/tool you are comfortable with.


Job Opportunities

Median Salary

$ 125,250

Per Annum

Median Salary

₹ 7,30,672

Per Annum


Start-Tech Educational program – Internship (STEP – i) is your first step towards achieving your goals. It is a fully online Internship program where you will get the experience of dealing with a real-life challenge related to your desired fields. It is designed to provide an opportunity to students and first-time job-seekers.

Data Analytics is a term that is used to refer to the rigorous statistical and exploratory analysis on a large datasets to extract the information they contain.

Data Mining/ Data Science is the process of sifting through generally large data sets to discern meaning, uncover new facts and relationships and establish useful patterns.

Machine Learning is a collection computational methods that use experience (past information available to the learner) to make accurate predictions.

Big Data refers to a field of research that deals with the analysis of extraordinarily large and complex datasets

From job point of view, terms like Data Mining, Data Science and Machine Learning are used interchangeably. So don’t hasitate to apply any job where any of these three is needed

Machine Learning Expert’s responsibilities may include one or more among: Write codes to collect, crunch and analyze data from internal and external sources.

Build machine and tune learning models using R, Python, and or any language/tool you are comfortable with.

Using BI tools such as Tableau, PowerBI to analyze data, find important patterns, and design visualization dashboards.

Yes, It is a virtual work-from-home internship.

Start-Tech Academy is a technology-based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners. Our top quality training content along with internships and project opportunities helps students in launching their Analytics journey. 

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