Start-tech educational program - internship

Virtual Internship

Your first step towards achieving your goals. This program will provide a real-life field experience to students and first-time job-seekers.

Last date to apply : Last day of this month


Choice of fields

You can choose your field of interest from the following options.

Data Analytics

Use SQL and Statistics to uncover insights, communicate critical findings, and create data-driven solutions.

Machine Learning

Get the experience of foundational machine learning techniques – from data manipulation to supervised learning with Keras and TensorFlow.


Why should you enroll?


A completion certificate will be provided after successful completion of this one-month-long internship.

Fully Virtual

The complete internship will be virtual. You can complete this internship from the comfort of your room.

No charge

This complete Internship is free of charge. You do not have to pay anything to enroll in this Internship.

Other Perks



Start-Tech Educational program – Internship (STEP – i) is your first step towards achieving your goals. It is a fully online Internship program where you will get the experience of dealing with a real-life challenge related to your desired fields. It is designed to provide an opportunity to students and first-time job-seekers.

We will not provide any study material. We will only provide problem statement and their solutions.

  •   Apply before: Last day of this month (11:59 PM IST)
  •   Selection email: Last week of this month
  •   Internship starts: 1st week of next month 
  •   Submit your assignments: by 21st of next month.

No, this is not a mentor led program. You will be given a problem statement which you would have to solve on your own. You will be connected with fellow interns with whom you can collaborate.

You can apply for STEP – I from the link given below:

Step-I interest form – New User

Yes, It is a virtual work-from-home internship.

There will be flexible working hours as it is a work-from-home program.

Start-Tech Academy is a technology-based analytics education company aims at Bringing Together analytics companies and interested Learners. 

Our top-quality training content, internships, and project opportunities help students launch their Analytics journey. 

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