Data Science and Business Analytics Program

Become a Data Scientist

Get real-world data analytics and data science experience with industry recognized curriculum and industry-relevant projects. Learn how to analyze data, model business scenarios, create machine learning models, and automate data pipeline using tools like Python, Excel, SQL, Google Data Studio, and Pentaho.

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6 Months

12 hrs/week

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Self-Paced Online

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No Prerequisites


What you will get

Complete Data Analytics & Machine Learning Program

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Knowledge of 5 data tools

Learn Python, SQL, Pentaho, Excel and Google Data Studio

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Execute 8 projects

Execute 8 projects from different industries in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data analytics and Data visualization

Paid Internship

Get a guaranteed paid Internship in the field of ML or Data Analytics with the minimum total stipend of Rs 3,500

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15 Certificates

Earn certificates for all the tools, projects, internship and the analytics bootcamp

Priority Support

Quick support and query resolution, resume guidance and career guidance

Your sample resume after completing this program

Your Instructors

Pukhraj Parikh

Ex- EXL, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Roorkee

Instructor, Co-Founder @ Starttech Academy

Abhishek Bansal

Ex – Airtel, FMs Delhi, IIT Roorkee

Instructor, Co-Founder @ Starttech Academy

Tools you will master

Projects you will execute​

laboratory, medical, medicine-3827736.jpg
Deep Learning
Healthcare Industry
wheat, field, wheat field-2549245.jpg
Image Classification
Agriculture Industry
dollar, money, cash-1362244.jpg
Logistic Regression
Banking Industry
airport, board, flying-1890943.jpg
Time series Forecasting
Aviation Industry
table tennis, passion, sport-1208384.jpg
Sports Industry
protection, family, society-5080948.jpg
Linear Regression
Insurance Analytics
brand front of the brandenburg gate, berlin, places of interest-5117579.jpg
Data Visualization
Social Analytics
shopping mall, christmas, christmas tree-2605815.jpg
Excel Analytics
Retail Analytics

Guaranteed Internship

Get a guaranteed internship with a stipend in the field of data analytics or machine learning after completing this program

Machine Learning or Data Analytics Internship

Guaranteed stipend of ₹ 3500-5000

Choose between 1 or 2 month long internship

Choose your own internship schedule


Trusted by Thousand of Students


For Students

Including Taxes


  • 6 months is the average time to complete this program
  • No question asked 7 day cancellation policy
  • Guaranteed internship with stipend of ₹3500-5000
  • Resume building assistance
  • Lifetime access to the courses
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For Professionals

Including Taxes


  • 6 months is the average time to complete this program
  • No question asked 7 day cancellation policy
  • Resume building assistance
  • Lifetime access to the courses
  • Flexible timings
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Frequently Asked Question

You can WhatsApp us at +91 98216 12453 in case you need any additional information

No. This Nanodegree program accepts all applicants regardless of experience and specific background.

Excel, SQL, Google Data Studio, Python and Pentaho are needed for this program. We will provide you the links and instructions to install the same.

You don’t need a coding background to enroll in this course. In the Beginner modules, we will cover the basics of coding.

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