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Data Visualization with Excel

25+ Excel charts and graphs - Data Visualization in Microsoft Excel - visualizing data with Excel 2007- Excel 2019

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Data Visualization with Excel

What you'll learn

Introduction to Excel Charts

Learn different elements of a chart which will build the foundation for formatting and editing techniques of different charts

All charts and graphs

Learn 25+ Excel charts and graphs - including bar charts, time series, pie charts, Area chart, pivot tables and many more.

Application based Learning

Understand WHEN, WHY, and HOW to different chart types using examples and case studies

Advanced chart types

Learn how to create and use advanced chart types such as Waterfall Chart, Sunburst Chart, Combo Charts and Pivot Charts

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Learn advanced techniques to highlight chart and table elements to direct the reader attention where it is needed most

Our Happy Students!

It was an amazing experience. Sufficient amount of topics have been covered here. A great deal of learning has been achieved.



Even though I know Excel charts, I learned about Waterfall and Sunburst charts which is a good thing. Learning is always good.


Sultanul Ariff Mohamed

Nice explanations. Exercises are the best part where we can learn practically. Thank you for providing an opportunity to improve my skill.


Reddy Prashanth

Course Instructors

Abhishek Bansal

Co-Founder, Instructor

Ex-Airtel, FMS Delhi, IIT Roorkee
Worked as an Acquisition Process owner in a leading telecom company before moving on to learning and teaching technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Pukhraj Parikh

Co-Founder, Instructor

Ex-EXL, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Roorkee
Worked as a Project manager in an Analytics consulting firm. Pukhraj has multiple years of experience working on analytics tools and software.

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