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Alteryx : ETL and Reporting

Alteryx bootcamp for Analytics Automation and ETL. Perform data analysis and create reports using Alteryx Designer

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Google Data Studio

What you'll learn

How to find insights from data and perform Data Analytics

How to create ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process in Alteryx

Data Cleaning and Validation using Alteryx

How to import data from several types of sources such as CSV, TXT, ZIP, SQL, AWS, XML etc.

How to create a report from the insights and mail it to your team

Our Happy Students!

For Alteryx basics, this is good course. Explained things in details & in good pace. Liked the way instructor has designed the course.


Sunil D.

Amazing course!!

Explanations are very practical along with the use cases.

Totally worth the time and money



It’s a great course, allowing me to learn Alteryx from scratch with clear guidance from the instructor of the Start-Tech Academy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me! Best wishes for you!


Thanh Phuong N.

Course Instructors

Abhishek Bansal

Co-Founder, Instructor

Ex-Airtel, FMS Delhi, IIT Roorkee
Worked as an Acquisition Process owner in a leading telecom company before moving on to learning and teaching technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Pukhraj Parikh

Co-Founder, Instructor

Ex-EXL, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Roorkee
Worked as a Project manager in an Analytics consulting firm. Pukhraj has multiple years of experience working on analytics tools and software.

Course Completion Certificate​

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Course Content

Course Content

case study and alteryx installation
data extraction: extracting tabular data
data extraction: extracting non-tabular data
extracting from an sql table
storing and retrieving data from cloud storage
merging data streams
data cleansing and improving data quality
merging sales and product data
sampling data
Data preparation
Outputting Cleaned data
merging tables to create a datamart
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